Originally 'The Solihull Home Guard Association Rifle Club', the club was formed in 1944 for the purpose of maintaining
marksmanship skills for the defence of the realm. This ensured some protection in case of invasion - members had to swear allegiance to King and Country. Despite its serious nature, camaraderie developed and many life long friendships were made. When home guards were disbanded, the club kept going and changed it's name to solihull Rifle and Pistol Club.
For many years, the club was at the centre of the local social scene - those with common interests formed clubs within the club itself, bringing it to the centre of a large and active community in which everyone enjoyed the benefits. The club had 150 members in its heyday, however, this started a steady decline which increased after the events of Hungerford and Dunblane, resulting in the ban of pistols. Membership was boosted when the remaining members of Hall Green Home Guard Rifle Club joined due to losing their club facilities in 1996.  By April 2010, the club had but 34 members.
The New Solihull Rifle Club
A new management team of like minded enthusiasts have dedicated their time to rejuvenate the club to be more in tune with the needs of people looking for somewhere to shoot small-bore rifles. In a move to gain new members, the club opened its doors to air guns and re-commissioned its redundant outdoor ranges for air gun use in 2011.
The site has been completely refurbished and the car park has been extended. With our floodlit facilities on the open range (shooting from covered positions to protect from the wind and rain) we are able to operate all year around, along with our indoor range for firearm use.
This has broadened the appeal of our club, and along with a more active approach to marketing, has led to a large growth in numbers.  As of June 2017, the club's membership stands at 240 members.  The club, after all these years, still has a lot to offer.
RebuildingWe have updated the facilities to create a new look and feel which has a very positive sense of a brighter future. Everyone is welcome - our members are aged 14 years through to 84 years old - and we feel our club reflects the diverse society that is modern Britain.  We are still looking for new people to come and join us, and if you are up for volunteering to run the club to keep the cost affordable for everyone, even better.