Q. Is Shooting dangerous?

A. Absolutely not, target shooting is one of the safest sports because we ensure that everyone acts in a safe manner.

Q. Will I need to purchase my own equipment to get started?

A. No, the club has all the equipment necessary to see you through from the basic stages to becoming a member of a club team. However, most members do opt to buy at least some of their own equipment.

Q. Do you need good eyesight to shoot?

A. As long as your eyesight is in the normal range you will be alright.  You will find that most shooters wear glasses to shoot even though they may not require them for daily life.

Q. Can I just come along and have a go?

A. The simple answer is NOUnder the terms of our Home Office approval we are not allowed to offer Pay to Play or Day Membership.  Neither are we allowed to let you shoot or handle firearms on your first visit to the club.  Before coming you will need to contact the club to first arrange a visit.  You will be required to provide the following information: your full name; address and date of birth on your first visit. This is so that a Police check can be carried out.  The police will be advised of your interest and may not support an application if there is a cause for concern.

Q. Do I need to apply for a Fire Arms Certificate (FAC) when I join?

A. You do not need a FAC to shoot as a member of the club.  You only require one if you decide you wish to acquire your own fire arm and you will need to have become a full club member and regular attendee for at least 3 months before the police will consider your application.  You do not need A FAC for most Air Rifles and Pistols

Q. Do I need a reference?

A. The Club will require two references.  This must be from individuals over the age of 18 who have known you for more than 2 years.  References can not be from members of your immediate family.  It is a legal requirement that all applications are notified to the Police.  It is also requirement that the Police support the application for membership.  This means that the applicant can not be prohibited under the Firearms Act for membership of a shooting club and that the applicant is not known to the Police in a way that would be a cause for concern.

Q. What is the minimum age for membership?

A. At least 12 years old and able to safely control a rifle.  If younger, the law requires a parent or guardian to supervise at all times and would also be subject to an assessment of the young person's ability to hold and control the rifle or pistol in a safe manner.

Q. Who runs the Club?

A. It is run by members who volunteer to take on duties and roles.  This keeps the cost down and ensures that all the income goes back into maintaining and developing the club.  If you would like to Volunteer.

Q. Can you tell me more about the club?

Q. What does a typical visit cost and how long does it take?

A. Starts at about £6 to shoot 50 bullets or £4 to shoot 150 air pellets.  This includes range fee, ammunition and targets.  This would take about 1 hour to complete.