Outdoor Air Gun

Air Rifle - Solihull Rifle ClubThe range caters for all types of shooting for air guns that do not require a fire arms certificate. This can be using traditional springer rifles, as well as compressed air and CO2 powered air guns.  The range includes field targets at varying distances; paper target holders are available at competition distances up to 25 yards.  We allow .22 and .177 pellets on the outdoor range only (Please note that we do not allow BB guns).

Pistol Shooting
The Range is floodlit with stadium lighting and we have 15 sheltered firing positions. We encourage a safe but relaxed atmosphere on this range.  Many members find great fun just shooting tin cans!
Indoor Prone Rifle


The prone position has the shooter lying down on the ground. It is considered the most accurate position of all for shooting, as the ground provides extra stability. We shoot .22LR calibre prone single shoot rifles with Di-Optic sights (i.e. non telescopic) from 6 firing positions and compete in the National Small Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) National League, Midland Regional League and the Kent League over a distance of 25 yards. Any member can shoot in the prone position using other .22 small bore rifles using all sights.


Indoor Sport Rifle


Lightweight Sport Rifle (
LSR) is an ideal way to begin target shooting, due in part to its low cost of both rifle and ammunition and the minimal equipment needed.  We shoot .22LR calibre lightweight sporting rifle from 5 firing positions.  The shooter is in a standing position, with no slings or special clothing allowed.  Any action type can be used (bolt action, semi automatic etc) and any sights are allowable (riflescopes, Di-Optics, open sights etc).  Compete in the Midland Regional League and the Kent League distance of 20 yards.  Shooters can also bench rest from these shooting position.

Indoor Centre Fire Rifle

Cowboy action .357 rifles is a progression from the .22 LSR shooting and can be 
considered the next step on the way towards shooting fullbore rifles these will allow
the shooter to experience a little more recoil and noise they are iron sighted and 
quite an experience to shoot we are sure you will agree

Full Bore Rifle Shooting - External Events
We also offer full bore shooting for our members.  This is undertaken at the Kingsbury Ministry Of Defence range in Staffordshire and at the National Shooting Ground at Bisley in Surrey.  We have about ten opportunities a year to shoot at these ranges.  The distances range from 25 yards to 1000 yards.  Full bore Target Rifle involves prone single-shot precision shooting using iron (aperture) sights and also scoped rifles at round bulls eye targets at distances from 25 to 1000 yards, with each shot carefully scored and analysed. The usual calibre is .308 which is very similar to the 7.62 NATO round, which is highly accurate.